What Now?

Suffering a spinal cord injury is something no one can predict. I sure didn’t. For anyone, whether it’s an injury or any other life-altering bump in the road, life can change in the blink of an eye. The dreams for our lives–gone for good. Or are they? The answer is up to you, but I say ‘no.’ Now is YOUR time to begin taking the steps you’ve got to take to move forward. Life happens. It can be an accident, a lost love or a lost job. The first step in moving forward is acceptance of what has happened. That’s where results begin! It’s time to move forward! Have hope!

I'm in the Business of Hope

Allow me to not only help, but ensure a method of moving you forward so that you’ll be able to attain and achieve more than you ever dreamed possible! It’s easy to throw in the towel and live a life filled with regrets. But that doesn’t fix anything. If you check out the tabs above, you’ll see. Helping and giving hope is my calling. Choreography is my joy. Dancing is my love. Performing is my life…and I’ll never stop. I hope you won’t either!

You Can't Stop This Dancer